2006.Today we are travelling along a path that was started 50 years ago inLentate Sul Seveso, to the north of Milan, in an area renowned for itstextile production.
A pathway between tradition,competence,evolutionand passion.

Ours is a tradition,which hasrisen up from a solid productive structure and which is ready for anystage of production, be it the dyeing, the printing, the finishing, orthe confection. We create fabrics for any garment, furnishings andaccessory. We produce underwear, swimwear, ties, scarves and neckties.

Ours is an ability,whichallows us to distribute our products throughout the best storesworldwide, using a large distribution network. We are chosen by themost important fashion houses as a supplier or as a distributionpartner.

Ours is an evolution,whichled the way to us buying out Prochownik, the historical men’saccessory company, in 1999. Then, in 2004, ZeroRh+, a well known brandin the field of glasses and avant-garde sportswear.

Ours is a passion.